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Justin Nozuka, Justin Bieber & Teen Heartthrobs

June 29, 2010

Why Justin Bieber, the cast of Twilight, and other teen/tween heart throbs are so popular among that demographic is not a mystery: they’re often talented, and, they’re not the manliest of men. Their inoffensive facial characteristics appeals to girls who are easing their way into puberty and the world of men generally. Its a two sided coin: part of me thinks woot for that — I would be a pretty concerned if 11 and 12 year olds started pining for, say, Javier Bardem or Christian Bale. Equally though, what about crooners like Justin Nozuka, who (to me) fits the bill perfectly for a teen heart throb??

I’m guessing whoever was behind his last video was probably thinking the same thing:

– longing looks at the camera? check.
– lonely Nozuka in a bed? check.
– beach scenes? check.
-wet t-shirt scenes? check. (My eyes nearly popped through my oversized glasses when I saw this back in my tweeny days)

Alas, the man is hot. Like a man. Also the songs from his most recent effort are probably less relevant to the teen set but his first, Holly (which is much catchier than You I Wind Land and Sea), released when he was just 19, should have catapuled him to screaming-tween stardom if there were any justice. Songs about losing your virginity (After Tonight), being excited for his gf to come home from vacation to show off newly found “skills” (Be Back Soon) and loving your mom (Oh Momma) seem pretty pertinent to youngins to me.

In fairness, J. Nozuka probably doesn’t care if 13 year olds are asking him to sign their…pencil cases??? but he represents someone who is deserved of all that teen-y love that catapults people to pandemonial (lets pretend thats a word) levels of stardom: well written, catchy songs that are smart, accessible, and still relevant to young people.

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