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Dumbin’ Out.

July 26, 2010

What do you do to dumb out? Everybody needs a dumb out – that thing you do when you’ve had a long day and want to turn “off,” are hungover, or are just a dumb person whose life is full of dumb out activities. You idiot.

I put a picture up of the bassist from Kings of Leon as the image for this post because they just had to cancel a concert as a bird literally pooped in his mouth during the show. I hate the Kings of Leon as I paid a lot of $$ to travel and see them and they put on absolutely the worst show I have ever seen.

Anyways, I figure most people dumb out with tv, movies, the internet (those three could really be collapsed into one for the dumb out factor, though), stupid magazines, videogames, drugs. I used to dumb out with Perez Hilton but I am decidedly done with him for life; I don’t want to give that man any more money with my page views.

Do you think that dumbing out is too easy these days? Insert conversation about 15 minutes of fame, consumerism and greed here.

Favourite dumb outs:

30 Rock

Sooommeebody gave me these DVD’s for Christmas and I can sit and watch the same episodes over.and.over.

South Park

I never really liked South Park as I’m not into poo humour but a friend gave me the first 10 seasons on my hard drive and its pretty hilarious if you get past the first few poo-laden season.

Real Housewives of New York OR Orange County

You could probably drink a litre of vodka straight and still have more brain cells remaining than after watching this show. Love.It.

Come Dine With Me

Only the greatest British television show of all time.

Pineapple Dance Studios

I don’t even want to talk about how much I love this show. YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE SO GREAT IF SOMEONE FROM ENGLAND ONE TIME BOUGHT ME THESE DVD’S.

Weird Weekends with Louie Theroux

I love Louie Theroux and I would marry him if he didn’t have a long-term partner and baby. I only know that from watching this show way too often. Watch (some) whole episodes here. If you can find them, the most interesting ones are the episodes on swingers and the “God Hates Fags” people.


The Onion


Whitney Port

Now you can peruse all my dumb outs, too! Insert point about how I originally criticized dumbouts, yet now am facilitating the activities therein. My blog is just so deep sometimes.

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