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The Last 5 Albums and 10 Songs I Bought on iTunes

August 25, 2010

I got a bunch of itunes gift certificates for bday/grad presents. Thanks to Spotify (a free music streaming software, hopefully crossing the pond to N. America soon) I never feel like any of my album choices as of late are mistakes, which is great because what a big ole waste of money that is. So, all of these come recommended.


AceyaloneAll Balls Don’t Bounce Revisited

I read about this album a really long time ago (but still WAY past when it came out in’95…the only hip hop I was listening to then was The Fugees’ The Score LP…I used to sing and rap along but my sister prohibited me from the swear words, which also included “sex”…I wish I had video of my braced, bespectacled 10 year old face rapping to that album, omitting 1/4 words) but never got around to buying it. Fittingly enough, I found it in a used CD shop in Los Angeles. I guess this is the iTunes anomaly.

RobynBody Talk Pt. 1

This album isn’t as good as her last one which is easily one of my favourite albums of all time (and a lot of other peoples, too) but it’s still pretty great (Its sort of like; Illmatic and Stillmatic.). More robotic-dance-pop and less electro-dance-pop.

Bulent OrtacgilEski Defterler

I found this album recommended on this great thing does – “Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now” – by various authorities on music. This is the one where I picked up this album off of. Did you see the Porno Groove: The Sound of Seventies Adult Films recommendation? From what I’ve sampled, its actually awesome. Not on iTunes unfortunately.

The Black KeysBrothers

Second iTunes anomaly. My brother (ha) gave me this album, which I didn’t really like at first but its really growing on me – a good headphones album.

El Perro Del MarLove Is Not Pop

I can’t believe I didn’t get this before! I like it, but like the Robyn example, nothing beats her eponymous El Perro Del Mar album from 2006. Change of Heart is so awesome, though.


Ashanti – The Way That I Love You

The-Dream – Love King

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

N.O.H.A – King of The Dancehall (This is such a good track)

Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams

Ciara – Ride

Gorillaz – Stylo

Walk Away From Love – Bitty McLean

Holding Back The Years – Simply Red

25 Miles – Edwin Starr

I guess the apparent theme of the tracks was R&B, reggae and wedding music. Here‘s a Youtube playlist of all the tracks!

Did you know Ciara’s “Ride” was banned from BET?? Apparently you can gyrate all you want on that channel, as long as you’re just an accessory to a dude. And you can’t argue lyrics – the Ying Yang twins should have been banned just for making the creepiest song of all time. David Banner is another good example – and a good song, actually – yeah its about “running” but we all know the real version. Cumming, people.

I still have about 20$ left of iTunes $$ (I made everyone get me these as gifts) – I am currently Spotifying Dimlite’s Prismic Tops, Tony Allen’s Secret Agent, The-Dream’s Love King, Carolyn Peyton’s Intution and Peta Teanet’s King of Shangaan Electro (after this). WHOS GONNA MAKE IT ON TOP?!!

Time will tell.

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