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My Weird Obsession with Bret Hart & A Great iPad app

August 29, 2010

My dad recently got an iPad which has been pretty sweet; I downloaded the free National Film Board of Canada app, which lets you stream and store movies to “watch later,” which is essentially renting for 48 hours, sort of like iTunes. It has a bunch of documentaries, animated shorts, etc, free!!

The first (and only) thing I have watched thus far is the Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows, a really interesting look at wrestling, Bret Hart’s famous fall from the WWF and the events leading up to it. I used to love wrestling and the WWF until I turned about 12, when this movie was filmed. There is a lot of talk about his fall from grace as his character turned from a “good guy” into a “bad guy” and I do remember wondering why that was happening when I was younger – he was my (long forgotten) favourite.

I also had no idea he was Canadian?! He has a hilarious oot-and-aboot accent. In any case, I’m totally reading his (horribly named) biography.

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