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Race Relations

September 15, 2010

OkCupid took the profiles of 526000 users and divided them by (self-selected) race. Then, they tallied their likes, interests that were distinguishable from other races, and came up with some serious brain fodder. As per the original post:

What makes a culture unique? How are whites, blacks, Asians, whoever different from everybody else? What tastes, interests, and concepts define an ethnicity? Is there any way to make fun of other races in public and get away with it?

These are big questions, and here’s how we answered them.

We selected 526,000 OkCupid users at random and divided them into groups by their (self-stated) race. We then took all these people’s profile essays (280 million words in total!) and isolated the words and phrases that made each racial group’s essays statistically distinct from the others’.

Stuff White Males like: (I couldn’t printscreen the entire image – either really smart or coincidental on their part…if I was less lazy I could probably just change the dimensions of my screen or something but anyways):

Stuff Black Guys like:

They also assess the interests of women of the races above and Latinos, Asians, Indians, Pacific Islanders and Middle Eastern. They go on to assess writing levels, reading levels, and make general comments about various races that were picked up in trending – Latino men tended to point to their sense of humour when describing themselves, white guys often used fucking in the middle of nouns i.e. Van fucking Halen, black guys tended to use the phrase “I am cool” and Asian’s often wrote “I am simple.” The list for black ladies was the only one “explicitly inclusive” of someone of another race – Justin Timberlake.

Even if the article presents some (admittedly serious) discrepancies, as commentors on the post have pointed out, the whole article is really, really interesting. Its fun to actually talk (and read) about race instead of being overly politically correct. Being “PC” often seems to be an outgrowth of fear borne of ignorance. It does little to foster healthy conversation, and in the grander scheme of things, an understanding and openness to cultures, races and societies other than our own.

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  1. Soh permalink
    September 16, 2010 10:19 pm

    This is frickin’ coo!

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