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GrooveShark, Spotify, Streaming Music & The Way Forward

October 3, 2010

Sick of buying albums based on a couple tracks – and being dissapointed?

Forget it: stream it before you buy it.

My friend has mentioned Grooveshark – an streaming website – a bunch of times but I kept forgetting the name. I am pretty obsessed with Spotify (a free music streaming software), but, its only available in a few countries – I managed to get mine from a proxy server and a friend in England who signs me in periodically.

Grooveshark seems pretty good from what I have seen so far, the selection is not as good as Spotify but there’s still a lot of content. Apparently all the music on the site is user-content, whereas Spotify is legal and in partnership with record labels (to my understanding) – likely the reason its move to North America has been slow.

If you want Spotify for a couple weeks, go to , type in, then sign up from there – you’ll have Spotify for 2 weeks. Use a UK post code like ME4 4TB. Eventually it will be detected that you are “travelling” and the software will fail to open, but you can try it out for a couple of weeks, anyways.

I am a big believer in streaming music and believe it to be the way forward: mp3s will eventually be replaced by streaming content and digital retailers will be replaced by or move on to selling packages to stream content rather than selling mp3’s for download.

This idea also falls in line with the trend of selling a product by improving the quality of product and efficiency of product delivery, and a move away from the heavy marketing that was more effective when consumers couldn’t communicate their likes and dislikes with eachother as easily – that is, before the internet became the medium.

In the case of music, this means better music selling more, rather than, whichever artist has enough money (i.e. major record label support) to promote them – a trend in itself that has proliferated alongside the popularity of the internet.

Essentially: less shitty music will be bought, and hopefully quality of music will be the new tits and ass, pomp and splendour -what have you.

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