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Bill & Melinda Gates Are My Heroes

October 4, 2010

They’re on the list, anyways. This picture is perfect because Oprah is also on the hero list. So we all know the Gates are philanthropic but I never realized just how much this couple is giving away

According to the 60 Minutes that aired last night, Bill & Melinda Gates have thus far donated:

  • 4.5 billion dollars towards vaccinations (they’re seeking to eradicate polio – still endemic in 4 countries – and find a vaccine for AIDS)
  • 2 billion dollars on scholarships, and have paid for 20 000 American kids’ college tuition
  • 1.5 billion dollars on improving farming practices in Africa and Asia
  • 30 billion dollars towards their foundationThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – of which Warren Buffet has donated an extra 30 billion

They also plan to give away 90% of their wealth, and have convinced 40 billionaires, to date, to donate half of their wealth as part of their Giving Pledge that kicked off this past year.

When the reported asked Melinda Gates about not “wearing [her] wealth” she just replied, “I don’t find joy in those things.”

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