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This is Formulaic Music

October 14, 2010

Writing camps took place several months ago in Los Angeles and Miami, where Rihanna, who nearly always uses “we” when discussing the making of her album, says about 100 writers and producers were invited to collaborate and craft songs for consideration. “We gave them guidelines and a bunch of topics,” she says. “We’d have 10 writers in one room and five writers in another room and put them with one producer, then split the group up and put them with another producer.”

This is likely  how it’s always been in some sector of the pop world (as least since Tin Pan Alley), but: 100 writers? 10 writers a room? I’m not against formulaic music – I’m a big pop music fan, and its worth lies in its superficiality – it’s accessible, fun, and disposable. The unfortunate thing is when this kind of music becomes the only genre that is heard on mainstream media outlets. Still: I’m excited for Rihanna’s new album. Read the interview from Billboard magazine here. Rihanna’s new single here.

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