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Grime Forum Volume 1

December 16, 2010

Rinse FM and one Dizzee Rascal album (Maths & English) are as far as my grime extends (if Dizzee even counts), but, I’d love to know more. Here is my future running soundtrack: Grime Forum Volume 1. My favourite song here. Download here.

Originally entitled “Grime at its Purest” the intentions for our freestyle release was simple. Hard, grime freestyles  from people who still make  enjoy making that banging grime music.

There are a few returns from veterans who have come back to the scene by way of Dimples, Discarda and Hyper, MC’s with a lot of hype around them at the moment by way of Marger, Rival and Merky Ace as well as a bag full of rising talent, including but not limited to Slaughter, GT Solo and Hydro.

Grimeforum website with more details on each rapper/producer, and links to Soundcloud, Youtube et cetera there.

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