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Rihanna’s S&M

February 10, 2011

I post this for three reasons (beyond being a fun song – minus the horrible intro)

1) Perez Hilton makes an appearance as Rihanna’s bitch (literally) – this is perfectly summative of Perez Hilton as a person and his website as an extention of himself; he’s essentially the insecure guy who is an giant asshole to compensate (re: bullying – whether he thinks he is or not) but really will do anything to get in with the cool kids. Hence, he is more than happy to literally be Rihanna’s bitch, on all fours, looking embarrassingly stupid doing so. I doubt Rihanna had this subversive intention in mind, but, it turned out pretty great either way.

2) Rihanna is the only star who can rock a giant pink crimped afro with an eye patch and still look pretty hot.

3) Imagine if you saw Rihanna in the club in a giant pink crimped afro and an eye patch??

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