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The Grammy’s

February 14, 2011

Wooooww it kind of sucked!


Arcade Fire

Janelle Monae


Jennifer Hudson

Mumford & Sons

Jennifer Hudson



Kind of everybody else i.e most of the super famous.  It didn’t seem like anyone had a very extravagant or special performance, or was trying particularly hard (hence the best performances were the lesser known musicians?); Rihanna was only on for a couple of minutes with some weird tikki fire in the background, Lady Gaga was going for the nude-suits-to-represent-being-born-this-way but it just underwhelmed and Bob Dylan can’t sing anymore, and certainly not over the 20 string instruments of the Everrett Brothers and Mumford & Sons combined. Bruno Mars started to sound like he was going to be great but then he was singing way out of his range.

The Justin Bieber/Jaden Smith duo seemed perfect for a mall appearance, not The Grammy’s.

Some key missing people that might have made the Grammy performances better = Beyonce who’s pretty much a fail-safe (although admittedly has nothing out right now), and Kanye West.

Rihanna’s dress was awful but she looked amazing.

Katy Perry looked like a real life piece of candy as usual and Gaga looked like her standard S&M.

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