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Queen of The Lizards

February 27, 2011

I thought this was an article about that whole army-of-lizards internet meme (thats apparently based on a real – and really stupid – conspiracy theory; Donald Rumsfeld was just asked if he was a lizard), but then I realized the writer was at a club, and then I finally realized it was a review of a Ke$ha concert. Weird and hilarious – you should really read this article. Tits vs legs room?

First, there’s a lot of smoke. A lot of smoke: Thick whorls tentacling out everywhere in the darkness. And then she appears, wearing glasses that are made entirely out of lights, in the darkness. All you can see is her eyes, buried inside those glowing frames, and the flap of her glossy lips and then a smear of glitter floating somewhere underneath it. People always wonder if Ke$ha is as stupid as she sounds in interviews, but I think this is proof that she’s not. If she’s so stupid, why does she begin her show by doing an impression of the cover of The Great Gatsby?

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