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Amazon Introduces Cloud Storage + Player

March 31, 2011
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I couldn’t sleep until 4m two nights ago (Starbucks gave me a caffeinated drink instead of decaf by accident), and seriously, I thought: Google should do cloud storage; it could be called “Google Space,” and you could put all your pictures, music, and documents (like Google Docs) there. Also there would be a sharing function like DropBox so you could easily share your music, pictures, et cetera with whoever else had a Google account.

So Amazon announced yesterday their new Cloud Player/Storage to a lot of hooplah, and some controversy, beating Apple, Google and others to to it.

Imagine how brilliant it will be when hard drives and USBs became obsolete? I probably won’t buy into the Amazon cloud because its only free for less than 5 GB (or 10 GB of music purchased on Amazon) and I prefer the idea of my data being associated with my Google account — I don’t use Amazon very often. Windows has a Cloud service, too.

The one drawback to Cloud storage would be offline access; I would be interested to see how this would be addressed, mainly for the purposes of travelling, where Wifi may not be as readily available.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m a coffee psychic now.

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