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Westboro Baptist Church: America’s Most Hated Family In Crisis

April 10, 2011

Louis Theroux catches up with the Westboro Baptist Church family & co., – the “God Hates Fags” people –after his intial documentary in 2006. Louis introduces the piece by noting how many people have left the church since his last visit. Having watched the previous series, it is immediately apparent that the pickets have gotten significantly smaller, making the uproar seem to be over just one crazy lady – like a crazy person on the street that is yelling at you about Jesus and you just keep walking.

Initial thoughts aside, the movement is of course, not just one lady. It’s her extended family, various members of the community, her grandfather (Fred Phelps) who started it all, and most upsettingly – her personal brood, a gang of children that are frankly just brainwashed.

Watch the whole thing on Youtube and catch the original here. If you are Louis Theroux naive – check Weird Weekends here.

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