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MMVA’s 2011 Recap

June 20, 2011

I started to liveblog the MMVA’s yesterday but stopped after 20 minutes, realizing I only knew 25% of the “celebrities” and decided I probably wasn’t hip enough for the task. Lo and behold, today I had a (relative) ton of hits yesterday from people googling “live-blog MMVA’s.”

Anyways, the MMVA’s and indeed all of MuchMusic seems to be turning into one big teen girl squad. The crowd (or at least whoever was shown) seemed to be 90% girls between the ages of 11 – 16, as were most of the winners of the various contests they had surrounding the show. Given the co-host (Disney royalty come right of passage scandalous Selena Gomez) and “celebrity” attendees, I’m guessing this is a fact MuchMusic is keenly aware of. Aside from, um, integrity, why not capitolize on this? Successfully harpooning the tween-early teen demographic = $$$$. See: The Biebs, boy bands and every heartthrob, ever.

To their credit, MuchMusic appears to be trying to bring a little balance to their channel, recently reintroducing shows like Rap City and The Wedge.

I digress: I did think Selena Gomez did a great job as co-host, though. Everyone predictably went nuts for Justin Bieber (Gomez’s beau), Colin Farrell sounded like he said “you should get fired” to Sarah Taylor on the red carpet, but I’m pretty sure he actually said “I’m going to get you fired” after Farrell failed to recall his favourite Canadian artist (finally settling on Neil Young).

Gaga killed two performances, as did The Black Keys and Down With Webster. Far East Movement were pretty good, and the lack of reaction to Snoop Dogg coming onto stage to perform with them confirmed my theory that no one born before 1991 was in the audience. Other than that, I honestly had no idea who anyone was. Pretty Little Liars? Vampire Diaries? What????? 80’s babies just don’t belong.

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  1. Pearly permalink
    June 20, 2011 11:46 pm

    Hahaha you need a Love button for this one ….

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