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People Under The Stairs @ The Annex Wreckroom

June 21, 2011

People Under The Stairs‘ – an LA hip hop group – released three unbelievable, jazzy albums back to back starting in 2000 – Question in the Form of an Answer, 2002’s O.S.T and 2003’s Or Stay Tuned. I didn’t love their 2006 follow up, Stepfather, and stopped listening to them outside of those three album since. Their in Toronto tonight and I’m pumped. Hoping for classics like this, this or this.

People Under The Stairs are at The Annex Wreckroom tonight – June 21st. Doors at 8 pm, show at 9 pm. 

Update: They were so, so good. The crowd was almost heartbreakingly small for how talented they are, but everyone got into it and they put on an unbelievable show regardless. They played a lot of “party” songs that I didn’t recognize and only a few tracks off the albums I have (S.F Knights, LA Song, Blowin’ Wax, Acid Raindrops) but I still loved it. According to Thes One, they’re set to release a new alum – Highlighter – in September.

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  1. June 25, 2011 1:42 pm

    I saw PUTS at Governor’s Ball NYC and they were so fucking good too! I’m a huge fan and completely agree with the Stepfather comment, but you can’t knock them for trying to innovate. Hopefully they’ll go in a doper direction on Highliter, which they said exactly comes out Sept. 10, 2011 (9/10/11)

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