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July 9, 2011

This is my new bike! I tried the cool-bike-store route and came up totally dry – first I wanted something used, so I tried the highly recommended Mike The Bike and Red Arrow Bikes. The staff at Mike the Bike were very nice but “very busy” and told me to look online to see if they had any bikes ready as they come and go all the time…I tried to explain I had never seen a bike on the site that wasn’t already on hold or sold, but I couldn’t get a word in, and left. Red Arrow Bikes also had nothing and was told they mostly did repairs, but that he might have more in a few days – also, really nice about it.

I got frustrated and decided to bite the bullet and buy something new, so I stopped in at Urbane Cyclist, where bikes started at $430…completely out of my price range. Finally I was complaining to a tech a work who told me to just go to Canadian Tire; I did and I’m sooo happy!!!

Everything came to $200 with tax, which I was happy to pay, with a free tune up in 30 days and a bunch of warrantees on everything but the wheels. I was told not to go to Canadian Tire because in the end I’d be paying the same amount in tune ups and fix ups, but 1) I am a REALLY casual rider 2) I live so close to a Canadian Tire that its really convenient for me to pop over and 3) my brother got a cool hipster bike at a cool hipster shop and ended up having to get 200$ in repairs done a year later after very little use. So I’d say go for it if you have the money, but if you just want to ride around Canadian Tire is not as bad an option that its made out to be. For the “best bike stores in Toronto” click, and see the comments for smack talk about C. Tire bikes.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’m going to paint some kind of design on the frame, which I thought had a bunch of brand labels painted all over them but 10 more points for the cheap bike route – they were just stickers!

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