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The Environment Is Largely A Parenting Issue

July 15, 2011

Sandra Steingraber …is coming to terms with the environment as a motherhood issue or rather a direct challenge to what she sees as some of the most basic responsibilities of a parent.

While stuck on the 401 in a traffic jam the other day (a 2.5 hour trip turned into a 4 hour one) I was listening to CBC radio, and rolled my eyes when I heard the introduction to this piece. I kept listening, and was seriously impressed with this Steingraber – biologist, mother, and author. Despite a surprisingly compelling argument, I didn’t end up really agreeing with her argument that the environment has to do with parenting. The broadcast is worth a listen anyways: she covers a huge variety of interesting topics regarding the environment, at one point even drawing a line between the end of slavery and the  need to end fossil fuel dependence (both were/are economically superior to their moral alternatives). It’s refreshing to hear an argument this brilliant, articulate, innovative and (almost) convincing.

Have a listen at the very least, and if you’re interested, her book Raising Elijah can be found here.

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