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Asap Rocky’s LiveLoveA Mixtape

November 9, 2011

Asap Rocky has been bubbling for a while now, and his mixtape LiveLoveA is exploding on the internet. This mixtape is awesome but from what I’ve heard thus far, he’s overrated – I haven’t heard anything lyrically thats been particularly stunning. That said, Kanye is a pretty shitty lyricist too – if pop music has taught us anything it’s that its value lies in the whole being greater than a sum of its parts.

I digress: The strength of this mixtape lies in a perfect selection of producers/beats (among them Clams Casino) to go along with the (very trendy) hazy drug theme (see: The Weeknd, Frank Ocean) that pervades the album throughout.

The album is hard to find for free anymore as Asap decided his album was good enough to be released commercially (it is) – freeload it here for the moment and check out standout track Peso in the meantime.

Update: WordPress took down my download link; google it – it will prove an easy find.

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