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Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 21, 2011

I’m awesome at giving presents. Having been instructed not to read this blog until Christmas (they never do, anyways) here’s a run down of gifts I got for my family this year


If your dad’s a movie lover like mine, spice up your usual gift of dvd’s with a sweet ass popcorn maker like this one I got my dad.


A flask (mine is from William Ashley) is an especially good gift for Torontonians because its a great Nuit Blanche accessory. Extra points if you get it engraved.


This year I got my sister a yoga mat from Lululemon (I have to give that store credit for capitalizing on the yoga movement when they did and charging a stupid amount of money for it) and some bracelets from Holt Renfrew. Don’t dismiss Holt’s from your Christmas shopping due to price – specifically for casual jewellery, they have a lot of reasonably priced items. Check their blog (which I am recently obsessed with) for inspiration. More sister ideas from previous Christmases: Make-up and cooking lessons. Of course, your choices don’t have to be limited to a mid-20th century housewife like mine apparently are.


My mom is too nice to show it on the day but later on will consistently scold me for buying her anything, period, so, being interested in “perennial philosophy” (her words) she’s getting this pre approved Joseph Campbell book.

Other last minute gift ideas include “experience” gifts (one of my friends got her girlfriend 12 weeks of trapeze lessons that she had been wanting – crazy/amazing), gift cards (don’t forget pre-paid visas), magazine subscriptions (think digital for those with kindle’s or ipads) books (just gander the best sellers on amazon) and you can literally never go wrong with gourmet foods – nice wines, cheese, chocolate. You could always donate some money to charity in their name, and they’ll never complain out loud because that would make them look like an asshole. Also uh charity and Christmas and spirit of giving yadda yadda.

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