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54th Grammy Awards: Live Blog

February 12, 2012

In conclusion, Adele ruled, LL was a fine host and the Grammy’s were mostly a snooze fest with few surprises and your usual culprits that seem to play at every awards show (Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Adele, Bruno Mars) featured here, too. Highlights include J. Hud doing her best “I Will Always Love You” (and pulled it off) and the legends – Beach Boys, Glen Campbell & Tony Bennet. Good night y’all!

11:18 pm: Diana Ross tells LL Cool J she remembers him as a little kid – this is like your grandma coming on stage at your graduation and telling the class about when you wet your bed, and is literally the best moment of the night. Adele takes Album of The Year for 21 – she’s sobbing and mentioned that she has snot coming out of her nose during her speech. Paul McCartney is ending the show – second performance of the night? Probably all that GrammyCares donated $.

11:10 pm: Lady Antebellum is announcing Record of The Year. I bet Adele wins. Yerrrrp.  Her dress is mad casual. HAHA “thank you so much – this is ridiculous” – her tone sounded like she really believes that it is ridiculous. Alright, I’m staying up to see if Rihanna wins album of the year and then going to BED.

11:04 pm: Drake looking dapper is introducing Nicki Minaj. The Exorcism of Roman? Pretty strange. When was the last time a female was rapping on the Grammy stage? As much as Nicki’s new music is sucking, props for that alone.

10:51 pm: ?uestlove & LL introduce David Guetta, Chris Brown, Lil WayneFoo Fighters, Deadmau5. Love how happy David Guetta looks! Chris Brown is getting some serious Grammy love? He beats women. Just saying. Lil Wayne came out for 30 seconds. Foo Fighters on a different stage. I have had a crush on that blonde drummer since the beginning of time and will until I die. Deadmau5 is doing some jazz with Foo Fighters. It sounds good. Just Deadmau5 now – the crowd’s going pretty crazy for him? Cut to David Grohl rocking out with the crowd…so much for all that computer-music shit talking.

10:38 pm: The Grammy’s are tributing themselves. Jennifer Hudson tributing Whitney! Perfect. Also: 3 American Idol alums. J.Hud really has one of the best voices of this generation of singers, if not the best. No one else could do ‘I will Always Love You’ justice like her.

10:31 pm: Tony Bennett is dueting with Carrie Underwood. Note 2 American Idol alum’s have thus far performed tonight. They both killed it. Now they’re presenting Best New Artist. Bon Iver? Nicki Minaj? WHAT? Oh hai Bon Iver. And Kathleen Edwards is by his side. Aw he thanked her by the name Kitty. Easily the most genuine speech thus far.

10:17 pm: Glenn Campbell tribute. It’s good. Blake Shelton – love his voice. I’m tired of this award show ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t watch tv for this long!! Aw Glen Campbell is lovely. He’s singing ‘Rhinestone Cowboy.’ This show should just be classic artists singing classic songs. Actually they should have a whole other show for that. Uh I guess thats the basis of a lot of Vegas shows, come to think of it.

10:05 pm: I love Gwenyth Paltrow‘s dress. She is introducing Adele. I’m kind of sick of seeing Adele perform at awards shows. She is excellent in any case. Rihanna is crying??

9:57 pm: Best Country Album. I hope Taylor Swift wins based on nothing but the fact that she’s the only one I know. Nope – Lady Antebellum. Okay, I knew them too.

9:52 pm: Why is Kate Beckinsale everywhere all the time? She’s introducing Katy Perry with LL. Girl can sang. I love that she doesn’t lip sync. I don’t know any of these songs. Is this a new song? It seems really divorce-appropriate…“this is the part of me that you’re never going to take away from me”“keep your diamond ring”

9:50 pm: Song of the Year introduced by Doogie Howser. Its going to be Adele…blamo.

9:39 pm: Eff theres some country/rock duo on stage and I missed their names while typing like a dummy. They’re wicked. They’re introducing Taylor Swift now. Weird hoe-down set. Sort of love Taylor Swift though. “Some day/I’ll be/singing this at the Grammy’s” – cute. Standing ovation! She of course looks shocked (still cute).

9:36 pm: Common is presenting with a lady who’s name I missed, tributing Gil Scott-Heron. He deserves a tribute. Best R&B album…Kelly Price had an album last year??! I used to love ‘As We Lay’ so.much. Chris Brown wins. Ugh button your shirt dude.

9:31 pm: LL Cool J is introducing Stevie Wonder…”they say you should never meet you’re heroes…but what do they know!” More importantly: who says that? Stevie is on stage; standing ovation without doing anything. Playing harmonica and adlibing for no reason – crowd accepts. Love how little he has to try/can basically do what he wants up there. OH MY GOD I DONT CARE ABOUT PAUL MCARTNEY. Oh… he’s sort of amazing though ya’ll. Shout out to Diana Krall on the keys. Standing ovation – he really was excellent.

9:16 pm: God I hate Maroon 5. Their video’s are all like ‘hey heres the lead singer with his shirt off. Check his tats.’ I like their rendition of Beach Boys’ ‘Little Surfer Girl’, though. I wish they would play Beach Boys music this entire show – this tribute is awesome. Beach Boys themselves!! HAHA Lady Gaga bobbing her head looking slightly confused in pleather and a fishnet veil. Its like old school met new school and new school imploded inside. Brian Wilson looks a bit cray on the piano, but he was always a bit of a crazy/ genius, anyways.

9:13 pm: Best rock performance…Radiohead should win based on Thom Yorke’s dancing in that video alone. Foo Fighters win! David Grohl is hating on computer music.

8:56 pm: Yesss Rihanna and Coldplay I’ve been waiting for this performance! Mostly Rihanna, though. Rihanna is killing it with ‘We Found Love’ – I hated that blonde hair on the carpet but it looks awesome now. Tina vibe. Admittedly poor choice of reference. Wha? Rihanna/Coldplay “mashup” wasn’t really much of one.

8:47 pm: I can’t hear anything Jack Black is saying because there are too many screaming girls. Something about indie cred & Bon Iver. Oh hai Foo Fighters.

8:35 pm: Best rap performance…I hope Nicki Minaj or JAY Z/Kanye win….Otis takes it! Now Reba’s on the stage introducing Jason Eldine (????) & Kelly Clarkson. Kind of a weird set. Eee Kelly is off. Uh and sound is off in Jason’s mic.

8:26 pm: Chris Brown is performing. Man can dance. Its hard for me not to think of a Wrigley’s commercial whenever I see him. Is that the double mint gum one? Whatever. He’s lip syncing to Beautiful People now…that was actually a pretty good performance.

8:23 pm: Best solo pop performance – Katy vs Pink vs Adele vs Bruno vs Gaga. Adele takes it. Bruno seems more excited than she is that she’s winning.

8:21 pm: Etta James & Whitney tribute with Alicia Keys and red headed country lady whose name I missed – last minute Whitney means all Etta. I like Alicia’s do.

8:15 pm: Bruno = Meh.

8:11 pm: Late to start!! Running home from library. I digress – caught the Bruno Mars intro. Blech I am so sick of Bruno Mars and his height enhancing hair.

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