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Why You Should Be Using Songkick

February 15, 2012

Way back when on jules’ blog (click click click!), I wrote about Spotify and how quintessential it is for music lovers and, people who hate spending unnecessary money. I even gave you a proxy server, people! I digress: now, Spotify is growing by 8000 users per day and I am bragging only to urge you to start using Songkick. You sign up, track whatever artists you want (only in the rarest cases have I not been able to find a musician on it), and they send you emails only when that artist is playing in your city, often way, way in advance. Usually if I like a new artist, I’ll sign onto songkick, track them, and forget about it. Par example: I liked a Stepkids song a really long time ago, added them to songkick and just got notified of a date they are playing in May with Mayer Hawthorne (bonus!). You will never miss out on concerts again.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 15, 2012 10:48 pm

    Have you tried ? Songkick is focused on Music, is focused on public events from concerts to nightlife and anything in between. Would be interested to get your view. Thanks


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