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Lush’s Buffy + Trichomania Shampoo

May 23, 2012

Love.this.product. Its essentially a bar you rub over your skin while you’re just about to get out of the shower. You’re supposed to transfer it to your hands first, I say eff that. Its supposed to scrub in addition to moisturize, but as a fan of the St. Ives brand of exfoliant (which is essentially sand) I would say this bar basically just moisturizes. If you don’t have very very dry skin, you probably wouldn’t have to use anything after this post-shower.

Not being that into skin products (save moisturizer), I am slowly but surely converting to the Lush. Their Trichomania bar shampoo (rub this one onto your wet hands, then onto hair) is amazing and will leave your hair clean clean clean but! not dry, or that weird extra-greasy-post-clarifying-shampoo. The caveat: if you have died hair, it strips it. I’ve stopped using it because of this, but if you are an all-natural lady (or dude) this shampoo is tops. I kind of get where they were going but I still think its extremely weird their shampoo is called Trichomania, aka Trichotillomania – a disorder where you pull your hair out.

I digress: Lush for the win.

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