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Ciara The Unsung

June 12, 2012

Last year sometime, I finally managed to buy Ciara’s 2010 Basic Instinct LP. It was one of my favourite albums I picked up and having listened to it in full again recently, I remembered there is not a single track on the album I don’t like.

Ciara has suffered from a bad combination of being poorly managed and underrated – the second a result of the first. Ciara can sing as well as her contemporaries but her music sounds like no one else’s – at once r&b, danceable sexy music that always takes its time. She has a smooth quality that I don’t believe has been replicated since the days of Aaliyah. On top of it all, she can literally dance like no top 40 artist out there right now. No one. That is marketable. And she was at peak performance on Basic Instinct.

How bad it must have been to be in her position after the release of that album – Basic Instinct is all about come-back, rebirths and an excellent album to boot. It was promoted terribly after the first single Ride came out (which was controversially banned by BET), and buzz about being dropped from her label Jive emerged (she eventually requested to be released due to lack of funding and promotion).

Ciara has a new album coming out – One Woman Army – in October, under Epic Records. The first single Sweat feat. 2 Chainz is sounding very, very good.

It genuinely jars me that Ciara has not seen the recognizance she should. No doubt, she is a successful artist, but the failure of Basic Instinct relative to the pop brilliance of that album is sad to me. Ride, Promise, Oh, Work, Love Sex & Magic, Goodies, Magic, 1,2 Step – are you kidding me? Ciara is untapped. Hoping this new album hits as hard as her last one – musically and and in the music biz.

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