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Big Boi & Juicy J Versus The Weeknd

July 31, 2012

Back in May, I freeloaded Big Boi’s newest track at the time – “She Said OK.” Aside from being a great track, hip hop this blatant never fails to make me laugh:

Let me see your titties…let me see your titties…she said okay…

The admittance that you don’t have to try anymore to get someone to show you their tits (or otherwise) and/or are too lazy to try to pretend that you do, is a refreshing change of pace. It’s reminiscient of Juicy J’s last mix Blue Dream & Lean, which was notable on the internet based on the song “Juicy J Can’t” that really, you don’t need a Youtube link for, it essentially consists of “YOU SAY NO TO DRUGS, JUICY-JUICY J CAN’T.”

Other tracks on that mix from last December include “She Dancin” the refrain of which is “She dancing like she fuckin” – a terrible song but another track where there is no attempt made to rephrase what has been implied a million times over.

It’s not shaking your laffy taffy or backing that ass up, she’s just DANCING LIKE SHE’S FUCKING.

The idea reminded me what, in my mind, is at the other end of the spectrum, namely The Weeknd. I loved the first few tracks he put out, and have been mostly luke-warm with the rest. The Weeknd has been on-trend with regards to music that makes reference to drug culture and, more problematically (or annoyingly), takes itself really, really seriously. After giving his last album (Echoes of Silence) a listen following some strong recommendations, I couldn’t get to the end of it without subtly hearing “we are doing drugs and having sex and its so hazy and serious and amazing…god its so amazing and out there and most of all SERIOUS.”

Similarly, someone sent me one of those never-ending pictures/street style blogs and I laughed aloud because all of a sudden I imagined a caption reading THIS IS SERIOUS. posted all over them.

I digress – I admittedly listen to The Weeknd more than that Juicy J album (relatively speaking), but I listen to that Big Boi track alone more than either of them, because its good music. That’s probably all it will boil down to in the end, anyways, no matter how the lyrics are worded, but I appreciate those glimpses of blatancy at a time when the zeitgeist is to do anything but.

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