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Caroline Peyton, The Walkmen & Crowded House

August 22, 2012

Feel as though I’ve been a bit heavy handed on the hip hop/r&b lately, so I thought I’d throw down some non-hip hop I have been listening to as of late:

Caroline Peyton Intuition (1977)

Heard the track Donkey Blues (which apparently is not on Youtube?!) so long ago on SoulSides (one of the best blogs for old soul/funk/latin music) but only recently got around to buying the accompanying album – Intuition. It sounds very Joni Mitchell/70’s in all the best ways. I’ve put up ‘Just As We’ above because it’s all I can find on the web.

The Walkmen Heaven (2012)

Believe the hype. My favourite track above.

Crowded House Recurring Dream (1996)

One of my favourite Best-of comps, ever. Put up Pineapple Head because I love it, and you all know “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” anyways. Also: Private Universe.

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