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Streaming Music App Available In Canada: Rdio

October 3, 2012

After stealing Spotify through a friend who periodically logs me on from the UK for years now, I was gutted to hear that Spotify was only crossing the ocean to America, especially since I was dying for a streaming music app on my iphone. At this point I never buy an album if I can’t stream it first; there’s so much music to be had I can just move onto the next artist whose material I can actually preview.

Enter Rdio, the streaming music app available here. Apparently around since 2010, I’ve been using this service non stop for the last 6 weeks. It’s $14.99 per month after a free trial (the website says $9.99 but I’m fairly certain I’m paying 14?) and I now consider it crucial – it has a vast collection and I’ve been able to sample so much more music that I would trying to rack the internet for streams, particularly for older albums (recently I’ve been almost exclusively listening to 90’s r&B – more on that later). I now know No Doubt’s album is bad (despite 2 good singles) and the new Kanye West G.O.O.D compilation actually has some tracks I dig, (I’ve realized my enjoyment of Kanye’s music is inversely proportional to his lyrical contribution to any given track).

Case in point: Rdio is convenient, worth the money, has a vast collection for digging and syncs with your desktop, phone and tablet.

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