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Making The Move To Facebook

June 11, 2013

After 7 years of blogging (Blogspot, then WordPress) I have decided to move my blog over to a Facebook page, here here here here.

I was increasingly not posting (see: last post in March) but still wanting to share what I loved. With less and less time, trying to make the blog visually appealing was dissuading enough that I would choose to not heed to urge to disseminate all my favourite things despite wanting to do so, and have been thinking of possible solutions.

A traditional blog host became less useful to me as I realized that the creative aspect of making my blog look a certain way wasn’t really appealing to me, nor worth the time. All I wanted was to share my jazz quickly and efficiently, to people I knew and hopefully some people I didn’t, too.

Facebook is a bit of a 180 in that it goes from any creativity (which was minute to begin with) to zilch due to its stringent and standard formatting, but after a couple of test posts, I actually find it relieving that I don’t have to worry much about presentation.

I briefly considered the fact that I’m giving this behemoth that has questionable privacy practices and widespread ethical ambiguities even more traffic, albeit a miniscule amount – but I wasn’t swayed enough to stay away. They are young, too, and have made some acknowledgements in that regard.

Adieu, and don’t forget – I’m right here.

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